ACCOUNTS GURU™ is a portal developed by Full Marks Edu. Solutions (a unit of  TPT-Teaching Point Tutorials(Pvt.) Ltd ) for CBSE school teachers and children where they can learn, share and enhance their knowledge of accountancy subject by interacting with ACCOUNTS GURU™ himself in a unique way.


Dr.Vikas Vijay,the ACCOUNTS GURU™,title conferred to him by the teachers and students fraternity to whom he had trained through his various exceptional and distinguished workshops for years. He has a long list of pioneering achievements to his credit.
Dr.Vikas Vijay has worked as PGT Commerce in New Era Public School,New Delhi for 15 years.
He has also worked as a Visiting lecturer at Delhi University and other reputed universities.
He has been a resource person for CBSE for development of Accountancy projects for class XII.
Formerly he has worked as Organizing Secretary of Commerce Teachers Association/Foundation(CTF)Delhi and presently is its Member of Advisory Board.He has Authored many books such as- Together with Accountancy and Together With Business Studies Published by Rachna Sagar Pvt.Ltd, Text Books on Accountancy for class XI and XII published by Full Marks Edu. Solutions
Dr.Vikas Vijay has visited various countries like United State of America, Switzerland, Singapore- Malaysia and Dubai etc. to understand their academic diversities. It has broadened his vision and thought process in the field of education .
He is also associated with few NGO's where he provides academic and non academic help to the needy students.
Dr Vikas has mastered the unique skill of understanding anyone's hidden potential, inherent strengths, career options and to stay ahead of competition by analyzing their handwriting through his program "Listen to what your handwriting says".
He also possesses skills of Mind Mapping and other effective memory techniques which helps in improving your memory in order to perform better in Exams.Moreover ,Dr.Vikas Vijay is famous among all for his innovative ideas, futuristic approach, dedication towards his profession, friendly behavior and for his good sense of humour.


Prior to ACCOUNTS GURU™ .info, Dr. Vikas Vijay had been training a group of teachers and students of a particular region of delhi for last 20 years . He is famous among them for his ability to explain accounting in a clear, concise and thorough manner. But he always wanted to share his long enriching experience with the students across the globe. Thats why this portal has been formed through which you can invite ACCOUNTS GURU™ himself to your school/institue to have face to face enrichment learning from him and also download the study material . He is the sole author of all the instructional content on ACCOUNTS GURU™ .info

Dr.Vikas Vijay brings accounting to life by combining theory with real life business examples and situations. His simple, clear and accurate explanations allow beginners to master accounting concepts. See testimonials. Through this portal he wants to reach million of students who could not avail his services.

He has worked thousands of hours to provide world-class materials for learning accounting at CBSE level. Today, teachers and students from all over the world can learn accounting and bookkeeping concepts by using Smart Study Material prepaid by ACCOUNTS GURU™'s himself  via the Internet.