Smart Skills Workshops for Parents.

Dear Parents,
Your child goes off to school every day, and you probably see your primary role in this routine as getting your child to school well groomed, well fed, and on time. If you're leaving educating up to the school, however, you're overlooking the most important role you can play. Your involvement in your child's school experience could mean the difference between success and failure for your child. This workshop for Parents will help them understand how important their involvement in your child's life really is. Some of the topics of workshop are:

  • Enhancing Communication with Your Child
  • Preparing an Environment That Meets Your Infants Developmental Needs
  • Alternatives to Praise, Building Self Esteem From Within
  • Growing Creative Thinkers: We Do Have an Effect"
  • Sleep Solutions.. This workshop helps very tired parents get some rest and keep children sleeping through the night
  • Raising Responsible Children
  • Self-Esteem : Laying the Foundation.. Parents will learn how to foster positive self-esteem without over-praising or creating outsized egos.

Although a parent's role in their children's learning evolves as kids grow, one thing remains constant: we are our children's learning models. Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey.

Topics for workshops:

  • How to be a role model for your child
  • To know the learning style of your child
  • Help your child take charge of his learning.
  • Set aside time to discuss school and studies.
  • Don't over-schedule your child
  • Keep TV and Mobile Phone to a minimum.
  • Learn something new yourself
  • A positive parent-teacher relationship

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