Smart Skills Workshops for Students

FULL MARKS -Student Success Workshops provide students with step by step strategies to improve their study skills, time management skills, and organizational skills.

Student Success Sessions are designed to help students identify their individual learning strengths as well as understand how to improve their learning deficiencies. The retention specialist will work with the student in creating a step by step success plan designed to assist the student in accomplishing his/her educational goals.


Communication Skills for Success

Do you have difficulty expressing your ideas to others? Would you like to learn how to overcome barriers to communication? This workshop will provide you with some ideas on how to become a better communicator and listener.

Developing a Success Strategy

Are you looking for ways to be successful. This workshop will give you some ideas on what you can do now to achieve success. Topics will include note- taking skills, listening skills, developing a reading strategy, test preparation tips, time management tips, and personal well-being information.

Discover Your Learning Style

Just because your friends study a certain way doesn't mean their approaches will work for you. Find out your own learning style and discover how to improve your academic performance!

When you understand the way you learn, you become a more effective student. This workshop will help you discover if you are an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner. You will learn some study tips related to your specific learning style to help you in becoming a successful student

Effective Note-taking Methods

Are you having trouble taking notes in a particular class? Do you feel that your notes are too confusing? This workshop will provide you with some ideas on how to take more effective notes that will help you learn and retain information.

Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades

Do you have trouble recalling information from your lectures, readings, or notes?

Most people only use a tiny fraction of their brain power. Learn techniques to help you transfer all the information into your long term memory, along with the strategies you'll need to retrieve the information when you most need it.

This workshop will provide you with some skills on how to improve your memory in order to help you be more successful in your studies.

Making Presentations

There is no way around it...most students will have to prepare and deliver al presentation for at least one of their classes. Take part in this fun and informative workshop that gives you tips on how to create and give a great presentation!

Read Faster, Read Smarter!

Introduces students to basic principles of speed reading and tricks for improving reading rate. Shares pre-reading strategies specific to college lecture classrooms.

Remembering What You Read

Are you having difficulty understanding and retaining the information you read? This workshop will go over some ideas on how to get more out of your reading assignments. You will learn some techniques you can do before you start reading that will help in your understanding of the material. You will also learn techniques to help recall the information you have read.

Strategies for Test-taking

Get some test-taking hints so you can do well on that next exam or the final. We will go over some strategies to help you with true/false, multiple choice, HOTS,EVALUATION and VALUE BASED QUESTIONS

Strategies for Winning at Maths or Accounts.

Do you struggle with Math or Accounts classes? Why are problem solving subjects so challenging? To cope with the unique learning demands of such subjects, you need special strategies to achieve academic success. Attend this workshop to Learn some tips to help you overcome your anxiety in these subjects!

Academic Anxiety & Stress Management

This workshop will provide you with information on how to keep your stress levels down and stay positive!

Tackling Test-taking Anxiety

Do you feel stressed at the thought of an upcoming test? Learn some techniques to help you stay calm and confident. You will also learn some test-taking strategies to help you better prepare for your tests.

Time Management

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to complete everything? This workshop will help you manage your time using various tools and time organization strategies.

Presentation Skills

Does the thought of presenting in front of a group give you the jitters? If so, you're not alone. This workshop will provide you with essential tools that will allow you to effectively develop and deliver a presentation

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