Smart Skills Workshops for Teachers

Today we teachers are teaching students of 21 st century who are very much aware of.. whatever ,whenever, wherever.Todays student is very smart, techno –savy,sharp, demanding and querious about learning new things in his own way. This has motivated teachers also to keep themselves update with such needs of the student.

We offer tailor made teachers training programs to satiate the needs and demands of teachers. Our programs have been developed after 15 years of in-depth training and research with teachers hailing from major schools in Delhi-NCR region.

We understand that teachers, who form the very foundation of our society, struggle through innumerable pressures and mental clogging. Every day, they have to survive the mundane routine of taking classes, dealing with students and their respective families. Giving the best outcome, both for their own well being and their student's educational success is a definitely a very challenging endeavour.

Understanding these basic significant necessities, our programmes focus on enhancing their subject knowledge, teaching voice and expression techniques, voice clarity development, confidence booster and positive rejuvenation development methods. These techniques have been developed, keeping in mind the world wide standards of empowerment in educational institutes.

Our training sessions consisting of 60 minutes of rendezvous and therapy initiatives are customized at a personal level.

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